Useful links

Some useful links:



  • X-Seed - the amazingly useful graphical front end and picture maker to the SHELX suite by Prof. L. J. Barbour
  • Platon - an excellent program including a routine for checking that your high Z' structure really is high Z' and not just missed symmetry
  • Platon for MS-Windows - a user-friendly version of Platon for MS Windows by Louis Farrugia


Crystallographic Societies

  • IUCr - International Union of Crystallography
  • BCA - British Crystallographic Association
  • ACA - American Crystallographic Association
  • ECA - European Crystallographic Association

Other useful websites

  • Z' > 1 structures - A website on the Z' > 1 phenomena from Oxford University.
  • X-rayman - A UK-based forum for discussing X-ray diffraction and crystallography matters and problems.
  • The Space Group List project - an example structure from each of the 230 Space Groups by Frank Hoffmann at the University of Hamburg. Full details of the Project are available on his Fascination of Crystals and Symmetry Blog.

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